Website Design Tips

Visitor webite Experience

Web Designing Basics

Your website is often your organization’s

first point of contact and one of the chief ways to interact with your customers

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Home Page Design

Home page Design

Your homepage is the most important

page of your website. The majority of visitors enter your website through this

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Best Background Color Images

Background Colors

While creating a website, choosing

the best colors is one of the most difficult tasks. The color you use for background

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Load Faster

Speed up Website

It is always said “Faster sites can create

happy users” because slow loading website is the most annoying thing for a

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Top Six Reasons to Avoid Flash during Website designing

Avoid Flash image

If you know something about the Internet, or something about website design, then you have probably heard of Flash. Flash objects have changed contents on web and is really a great interactive tool, but it is not a good choice for designing commercial websites. Flash being a proprietary technology breaks most web conventions and standards.

Vital Part of Online Helpdesk Software

Tech Support

Most common complaints of users is that they cannot find a Helpdesk solution that caters to them as they need. Online Helpdesk software should be interactive, fast and user-friendly and these features need to considered from the design level. The desk support software from Freshdesk has changed the way help desk agents perform their daily task as it automatically prioritizes, categorizes and dispatches tickets.

When to Use JPEG and GIF Images in Website.

JPEG & GIF Format

GIF Format

GIF is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a compressed or lossless format that compresses the image at a ratio between 3:1 and 5:1. GIF files support maximum of 259 color (8-bit color), which makes them practical for almost all graphics except photographs.

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